About Us

About Us

Welcome to VGOTECH Textile Testing Equipments.


The VGOTECH Textile Testing Equipments are an initiative by VGOTECH INDIA, Quality & Development of Textile Testing Equipment based in New Delhi, INDIA. The VGOTECH brings you facility for Purchasing Textile Testing Equipment ONLINE/OFFLINE Both.


Company Profile


We are Supplier, Mfg. & Exporter of Laboratory Textile Testing Machinery with Various testing categories.

1. Color Fastness Testing equipments 

2. Lab Dyeing & Matching Testing Equipments.

 3. Fabric/Garment/Physical Testing Equipments.

4. Yarn Testing Equipments.

5. GSM Testing Equipments

6. Process Monitoring Equipments

7. Imported Testing Consumables. (SDC & AATCC)

VGOTECH has been established to carry out Quality Control in our Textile Testing Equipment, & development/Improvement  activities as well as to providing value added support Service Facilities like Technical Sports, Testing procedures, 
light fastness tester suppliers
 and operation of equipments and Calibration Certificate traceable by NABL Accredited Lab etc.

We have developed, and developing/Selling our VGOTECH Textile Testing Equipment in all our India covering Dyeing Units, Fabric/Garments Manufacturer, in House Laboratory, Spinning Units, Weaving Units, Composite Units, Process Houses, Buying Houses, Dyes manufacturers,
Ir beaker dyeing machine suppliershthp beaker dyeing machine suppliers, Commercial Testing Labs and Educational Institutes by our Experienced Technical Engineers, Business Developers, Service Engineers and by our best unity Team(Employees).

Our Quality Management works: Our Quality Management does work with Cycle of Plan , Do, Check, & Act by best Skills of our employees.

Our main motive/Focus are keeping & developing our Equipments better & better Continuously according to the New Generation/Client and providing the best quality & Servicing to our valuable/respected Clients with Affordable/Best Prices.

VGOTECH works with & will always work with….

·         Integrity

·         Understanding

·         Excellence

·         Unity

·         Responsibility