• Fully Automatic Twist Tester

VGOTECH Twist Tester - MICRO – CONTROLLER BASED ELECTRONIC TWIST TESTER, MODEL: “TT-MCT” (Fully Automatic Model) - is a Yarn Testing

Equipments used for accurate measurement of TPM (Twist per meter) or TPI (Twist per inch) of the twisted yarn. The Equipment has facility of both untwist/twist methods for measurement of TPM of twisted yarn.



1. Yarn Test Length          : 50mm to 500mm adjustable (metric unit)

                                                 Or 2” to 20” adjustable (imperial unit)

                                                : Test length adjustment by slider mechanism.

2. Suitable for S/Z type of twisted yarns, multi as well as single filament yarns.

3. Range                               : UP to 9999 TPM or 99.99 TPI

4. Resolution                      : 1 TPM or 0.01 TPI

5. Elongation Range        : + 110mm or 4 inch with tolerance of -15mm or 0.6inch for  movement in other direction.

6. Motor Speed                                : up to 1500RPM adjustable.

                                                : Manual control of rotation is possible by hand.

7. Clamps                             : Spring loaded clamps at both end of the instrument for easy clamping of yarn.

8. Averaging                       : Reading of twenty samples can be stored and average TPM/TPI value is calculated and displayed.

9. Display                             : 16 digit backlit LCD display to display specified length, specimen No. mode of testing and TPM/TPI value.

10. Electronic sensor for sensing zero (starting) position.

11.Tension weight up to 100gms adjustable in step of 5gms.

12. Supply                           : 230V AC, 30Watts.

13. Size                                 : 1000mm x 150mm x 200mm (approx.)

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Fully Automatic Twist Tester

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