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Standards: ISO 105, BS 1006, AATCC 92,114,117,133, LCD Display of Temperature



Ø  Test the Checking effect of dry heat on sublimation properties of dyestuff.

Ø  Fixed temperature of 150ºC, 180 ºC & 210 ºC on each pad or variable by + 30 ºC of the fixed temperature setting.

Ø  Number of heating station 3.

Ø  Number of pads 6, 2 for each stations with individual heating.

Ø  Size of each pad 40mm to 100mm.

Ø  Timer range 10 to 60 second. 


·         Tests the effect of dry heat for sublimation properties of dyestuff.

·         Temperature range: from 1300 C to 2500 C.

·         Number of heat pads: 13 each of 20 mm x 55 mm size.

·         Electronic proportional control with an accuracy of + 10C.

·         Electronic timer with a range of 10 to 60 seconds.

·         Automatic release of handle at the end of set – time.

Sublimation Tester is a suitable instrument for dyestuff manufacturers as will as textile processors for checking the effects of dry heat on dyestuff.  Sublimation fastness and staining effect properties of individual dyer can be tested at various temperatures.  In a single test, entire range of effective temperature can be tested.  The heating pads are made up of hard chromed electrolytic copper for even and quick distribution of heat LED indicators and fuses are provided for each pad.


The sample for testing is cut in 70 mm x 500 mm size and is sandwiched between while pieces of same material.  It is then spread on the heat pads and the handle is pressed down.  At the end of set time the handle is released automatically.  The results of sublimation fastness and staining of white fabrics are then checked & samples are graded accordingly.


·         Power requirements                :           230 V AC, 50 Hz, 1.5 KW

·         Temperature Range                 :           1300 C to 2500 C (13 pads) with + 10 C accuracy.

·         Temperature Gradient             :           100 C

·         Pad Size                                  :           20 mm x 55 mm.

·         Electronic Timer                      :           Range of 10 to 60 Seconds.

·         Machine Dimensions               :           850 mm (L) x 320 mm (W) x 320 mm (H)

·         Net Weight                             :           20 Kgs.

·         Required Space                       :           900 mm x 450 mm. 

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Sublimation Tester

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