• Single Yarn Strength Tester

Vgotech Single yarn strength tester with 20kgf - digital model 

The VGOTECH Single Yarn Testing Machine: Provide a relatively inexpensive way for determining the single yarn strength and elongation of yarn. They are based on constant rate of traverse principle, in which one end of the test specimen is held in a stationery grip while the other end is moved at a known fixed speed with the help of a motor gear box and screw arrangement.



Capacity of the Tester          :           0-20 x 0.02 Kg.

Motor                                       :           ½  HP – 3 phase 440 Volts AC

Speeds of traverse                :           250mm

Minimum grip separation       :           50 mm

Maximum grip separation      :           900mm

Load measurement           :           With the help of load cell and a digital display having arrangement to

                                                            display the maximum load exerted during the test

Elongation measurement :           Measured between grips on a digital display from 0 to 

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Single Yarn Strength Tester

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