VGOTECH POLARISING PROJECTION MICROSCOPEProjection Microscope use to check Spinneret holes measurement or any object to be measure accurately on projection screen.


Ø  For Yarn hairiness, fibre evaluation & cotton fibre maturity test. 

Ø  Polarising Projection Equipped with imported Polarising spare and movable polarised and analyser suitably placed to give best polarid effect.

Ø  The instrument is 195mm dia graduated screen rotable through 360 and build in movable compensating eye piece.

Ø  The instrument is supplied with the following imported Polarising objectives P4 x P10X, P40/45x.

VGOTECH’ Projection Microscope Model PRM-15 is a versatile instrument of universal applications, designed for all stages of demonstration, measurements, checking, counting & comparison in Science Labs, Textile Production, Medical & Agricultural Fields.  It's compact, dust proof construction, light weight, functional design & quality optical components make it a useful instrument in the respective fields.  All Microscopes are designed as convenient table models for continuous use in normal room light conditions.  All controls are laid out for rational working.  The test object, projected on to the screen in the desired magnification, can be analysed, measured & compared by a observer or by small groups.  The adjustment of the Microscope requires a concentrate his efforts upon observation of the specimen.


The Projection concept is modern & extremely flexible for Research & Quality Control in areas of Textile Production.  It also conforms to IS 744:1977 for determination of wool fibre diameter - projection method.  The Projection image on the Screen is bright, contrastfull and of high resolving power.  The 200 mm round graduated screen is made from fine grain glass, rotatable in 3600 on ball bearings & has a fresnel lens behind it for brilliant and uniform illumination throughout the screen area.  The instrument is equipped with two control knobs near the screen for demonstration of a particular section through a loop & arrow arrangement, is controlled by a variable intensity Controlled Knob.


The coaxial built-in Machanical Stage is attached for comfortable & convenient manipulation of specimen slides.  It has movement within 30 mm & transverse 60 mm with scales, which can be read by verniers.


Focussing is done by vertical movement of stage, coarse adjustment by rack-pinion and fine movement by screw lever mechanism, driven by graduated know.  Bright field, Abbe Condenser N. A 1.25 WITH LRIS Diaphragm and filter holder is provided, which can be operated through a rack pinion knob.


The Projection Microscope is supplied with four standard flat filed achromatic objectives 5X, 10X, 20X & 40X, providing magnification from 125x to 1000x.  A graduated magnification correction knob is also provided to attain exact magnification with different.


The concomitant Accessories, a Spare Bulb, Fuse, Micrometer Slide, Vinyl Cover & Power cord are housed in a drawer with lock on the side wall of the Microscope.  The complete unit is packed and supplied in a sturdy cardboard box with operating instructions.


VGOTECH Projection Microscope are also available in following Models:

PRM-18                :               Incorporating facility of Binocular Observation Head in the basic model.

PRM-18T             :               Incorporating facility of Trinocular Observation Head in the basic Model

PRM-18                :               Incorporating Polarising Arrangement useful for Geological slides etc.



Revolving Microscope Platform, Wall projection facility attachment Yarn Comparator, Rotor knob Screen Attachment, Spare Projection Bulbs, Micrometer Slide, Photo micrographic Equipment, Imaging System CCTV and Objectives etc.

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