We are Lea Strength Tester :- Infrared Beaker Dyeing Machine used by lea strength tester suppliers as lab dyeing equipment for sample/ matching dyeing of FABRIC, YARN, FIBRE & POLYSTER, COTTON Sample Dyeing etc. 

Ø  Capacity of  M/c – 5000N/500Kgf  with Load Cell  for  display of  Breaking  Strength  and  Elongation.
Ø  Least  Count  - 1N / 0.1Kgf
Ø  Speed   - 300 & 100mm/min.
Ø  Grips  for Lea  – 100mm.
Ø  Maximum Grip Separation –1000mm and Minimum Grip Separation – 100mm
Ø  Load Cell  - S  Type
Ø  Power  - 440V.
Ø  Drive – 1H.P. Geared Motor – 3 Phase.
Ø  Safety Device – Limit Switch  for  over  travel  protection & overload Indication  in Load  Monitor.

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