• BUNDASMANN TESTER (Water Repellancy Tester)


Its used to determination of water repellency, resistance to wetting & resistance to penetration of fabric.


Determination of water repellency, resistance to wetting (in term of water absorb) and resistance to penetration (in term of water penetrated) of fabric done by an instrument known as Bundasmann type apparatus.


The Vgotech Bundasmann type apparatus made of four specimen holders which holds four specimens of the fabrics under test, the specimen holders are rotate at the fixed RMP by means of an worm reduction gear box and an electric motor.  The four specimen holders are mounted on the assembly so that the specimens are tilted at specified angle to the horizontal.  Each sample holder are provided with four wiper arms fixed at right angle to each other and rotating about the axis of the cup.  There are two tanks one at the bottom where the sample holder assembly is fixed and the other is fitted at the top of the instrument, where the brass jets are fitted,


The water flow from the lower tank to the upper tank by means of a centrifugal pump.  There are gate valve for drain the water from the lower tank.  The filter is provided on the pipeline of the pump.  There is a tube, which indicate the level of the water in the upper tank.  The transparent glass is mounted on the window for the transparency of the sample in testing while the window is closed.


All parts, which are in contact with the water, are made of stainless steel aluminum and brass for corrosion resistance.  The instrument is painted in metallic paints and black powder coating for corrosion resistance.




Number of jets mounted                           :    304

Center to center distance of jets               :    20mm

Rate of flow of water                                    :    65+ ml/min/cup

The vertical distance between center of the specimen when fixed in a position at which

the drops are released to the bottom of the jets :        1500 + 10mm

RPM of the sample holder                  :           5+1 rev/min

Angle between horizontal and Plane of the sample :  100-150

Center of the sample holder to the vertical axis of rotation of the sample holder assembly                :               105 + 10mm

Exposed diameter of the sample         :           100mm

Length of the base of the wiper assembly  :   96mm

Radius of the operative surface of the wiper Assembly  :      6.35mm

Thickness of the wiper surface  :  5.1mm




IS: 392-1989 :      Textile determination of water absorption and penetration of fabric using Bundasmann type apparatus.



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BUNDASMANN TESTER (Water Repellancy Tester)

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