CONDITIONING CHAMBER :- 18” x 18” x 18” 
With double walled construction 
Inside Chamber of SS 304 of Size – 18” X 18” X 24” 
And outside Body of MS with Powder coated finish. 
Temprature & RH% Range: Temp. – 20 -60ºC. +2ºC. 
RH - 40% to 90% + 3% RH 
The equipment is provided with Digital Temp. & RH % Indicator Controller. 
A separate water tank with 1.5KW heater is provided to generate steam for humidity inside the chamber & temperature inside the chamber is obtained through heater along the 3 side walls of the chamber. 
For cooling ‘Emerson’ CFC free compressor has been provided” 
Heating is through Tublar finned air Heater and Cooling through CFC Free compressor. water tank with heater for steam generation. There is a air circulating fan also for uniform temperature

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