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FIXED DRUM DIGITAL LIGHT FASTNESS TESTER – is used to determine the color fastness and degradation of textiles and dyed material against sunlight. This standard model comes with a 500 watt MBTL Fading lamp. 
Fixed Drum Type Comprising of : 
Specimen Holder – 4Nos. 
Test Tube Holders for Humidity Control – 50 Nos. 
Water Tank – 1No. 
Pump – 1No. 
Hour Meter with Buzzer – 1No. 
Voltage Stabilizer – 1No. 
Potassium Carbonate – 500gm (1 Box) Liquid Filler (Syringe) (There Is No Warranty On Mbtl Lamp)

VGOTECH Light Fastness Tester Suppliers is used for determination of Colour Fastness to light using a 500 W mercury Ballast Tungsten Filament Lamp & internally phosphor coated.  The equipment is suitable for all types of textiles except photocrometic coloured textiles.


A test specimen together with blue wool standards is exposed to the light from a MBTL fading lamp. The colour fastness of specimen is assessed by comparing its fastness with that of 1-8 Blue Wool standards.


The unit consists of a hollow cylinder of metal open at both ends with an internal dia of –18” & length of 18” A 500 W MBTL fading Lamp is mounted centrally so that the light distribution is constant around the circumference.An hour meter with buzzer and an hour totaliser are mounted on the base.  Four specimen holders are installed at equidistance in inner circumference of cylinder along with metal sheet mask to cover half of each test specimen & the standards. 

As temperature may touch upto 800 C constant cooling arrangement with water flow is provided.  A horizontal pump and water tank are included in scope of supply. 


a)                     1 to 8 Blue wool Light Fastness Standards of either SDC, U.K. or AATCC, USA.

b)                    Grey Scale for Change in Colour of either SDC, U.K. or AATCC, USA.



Australian Standard : As 2001.4.2

Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.

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