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Digital pH METERTable Top Model used for pH Value of Liquid.- With auto temp. compensation, compensation pH electrode & RTD probe 3 ½ digit LED display with pH 4.0 & pH 7.0 sached packs. 

Model pH                                            :           0 to 14 ph

mV range                                            :           0 to  +1999 mV

Resolution                                           :           0.01 pH;  1 mV

Repeatability                 :   + 0.01 pH;  + mV                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Accuracy                                             :           pH       : + 0.01 pH + 1 digit

                                                                        MV      : + 1 mV + 1 digit

Input Impedance                                 :           >1013 ohms.


Temperature Compensation

Manual                                                :           0 to 1000 C

Auto                                                    :           0 to 1000 C (only in model 101E)                  

Recorder output                                  :           0 to 10 mV / pH adjustable

                                                                        0 to 10 mV / 100 mV adjustable


Slope Correction                                 :           80 to 120%

Operating Temperature Range            :           100 C to 500 C

Display                                                :           31/2 digit bright red seven segment LED display with automatic

polarity and decimal point indication.

Power                                                  :           220V+ 10%AC, 50Hz

Dimensions                                         :           76mm(H) x 275mm(W) x 175mm(D)

Weight                                                            :           2 kgs. (Approx.)





  1. Combination pH Electrode
  2. Electrode Stand and Clamp.
  3. Temperature Probe (with 101E only.)
  4. Buffer Tablets
  5. Buffer Bottles.
  6. Dust Cover.
  7. Instruction Manual.





a)      Set up the electrodes to the stand & fit the pH electrode into it.

b)      Carefully remove the protective rubber cap from the filling hole of electrode. The level of KCI solution should be a few mm below the hole. Top up if necessary with saturated KCI solution.  Now put the robber cap back.





The electrode should be calibrated before beginning measurements or when pH readings are doubtful. Once the calibration has been carried out, do not change electrodes without fresh calibration.


Following procedure is adopted for calibration of electrode:-

a)      Connect the combination pH electrode to the input socket, wash it with distilled water & switch ON the instrument.

b)      Dip the electrode in a 7 pH buffer solution.

c)      Set the “TEMPERATURE C” Control to the buffer solution Temperature.

d)     Set the Function Selector switch to pH position and adjust “CALIBRATE” Control till the digital displays the precise pH value of the buffer solution.

e)      Now move the Function Selector switch to STANDBY.

f)       Remove the electrode from the buffer solution  & wash it with distilled or de-ionised water.

g)      Dip the combined electrode into another buffer solution (say 4 pH value).

h)      Set the  “TEMPERATURE C” control to the temperature of selected buffer solution.

i)        Set the Function Selector Switch to pH position. Adjust the “ SLOPE” Correction Control, at the front panel until the display shows the pH value of the selected buffer solution. Check that the correct readings are obtained with both solutions without further adjustment.  If necessary , repeat steps ‘b’ through  ‘i’ once again.

Note: -

In model 101 E, when Function Switch is on ATC mode, there is no need to set the manual Temperature control.  Connect the temperature probe at temp. input terminal & immerse it into the solution along with pH electrode for auto temperature compensation.


Soak the electrode in distilled water for some hours (preferably overnight) before use for better results.




a)      Connect the combination pH electrode (and the temperature probe in case of model 101 E) to the input socket and calibrate as directed in section CALIBRATION OF ELECTRODE.

b)      Set the Selector Switch to the pH position (or ATC in model 101E, for auto temp. compensation).  Wash the electrodes with distilled water and dip the combined electrode (and the temp. probe in case of model 101E ) in the solution under test.

c)      Set the ‘TEMPERATURE 0 C’ control to the solution temperature (not required in ATC Mode in model 101E).

d)     The display shows the pH value of the solution directly in pH  units.

e)      Between measurements, leave the electrode immersed in distilled water and Function Selector Switch to ‘Stand By’ position.

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pH METER Digital

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